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Jesus Optical Illusion

Jesus optical illusion

If you stare long enough a this picture, you will see Jesus (or a bearded man anyway). For understandable reasons, this kind of image is quite popular in Christian environments. I remember a story where a similar picture was displayed to a class. When a child said it could see Jesus, it got a present and could leave class. After a while the storyteller was alone in the class. He was the only one who hadn't figured it out. The teacher told him he couldn't leave until he had seen Jesus - so he decided to go for it and lied. He got the present and could leave class. Before he went out the door he turned around and looked once more - and finally saw His face.
Touching, I know ! If he had known this site then, he would only have to click the image above to see Jesus.

Jesus optical illusion

This wooden plate is a little different. It's quite popular on t-shirts and wall plates. You should be able to read the name JESUS on it. If you can't find it : the name is written in red, the background is the blank wood. There is a lot of merchandise with this illusion : t-shirts, posters ...

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