Category: Color Illusions

The colors you see are not the real colors.

phantom_dots 0

Phantom Dots

A very powerful illusion ! You will clearly see gray dots on the corners of the squares. This is actually called the Hermann Grid but let’s face it, phantom dots sounds way cooler.

fading_dot 0

Disappearing Dot Illusion

This is one of the most amazing illusions. Keep staring at the blue dot in the middle of the picture. The blue dot will shrink slowly and then disappear completely ! This is due...

vdb_chroma_adapt 0

Chromatic Adaptation

Look at the cute little boy on the right side. He’s shown in two different colors, right ? Now gaze at the left plus sign for 20 seconds, then look at the right plus...

scary_optical_illusion 0

Scary Optical Illusion

Keep staring at this picture for about 20 seconds and then look at a white surface (a wall or a big piece of paper). One of the very classic illusions. The best thing is...

adelson_checkershadow 0

Checker Shadow

It’s almost impossible to believe, but square A is exactly the same shade of grey as square B. This illusion is incredibly strong. Even when you’ve seen the proof, your eyes will keep deceiving...