Category: Optical Illusions

What you see is not what is there.

hiddencircles 0

Hidden Circles

This image, resembling a wooden door or something, contains sixteen perfect circles. Stare at the white x in the middle for a while, and they will suddenly pop out. The first time I read...

bravia_alive 0

Colors become alive. BRAVIA.

Part of an advertising campaign in Argentina, this illusion is based on work by A. Kitakoa (see elsewhere on this site). On original way to bring the message vibrant colors to the viewer.

wobbly 0


All lines in this picture are perfectly parallel. They seem wavy because of the little white squares.

kitaoka_ricewavem 0

Rice Wave

Look around on this image and see how incredible the effect is. You computer screen will seem to be waving and rippling like the ocean.

phantom_dots 0

Phantom Dots

A very powerful illusion ! You will clearly see gray dots on the corners of the squares. This is actually called the Hermann Grid but let’s face it, phantom dots sounds way cooler.

sarcone_streams 0


It’s like there are three rivers flowing on this picture. That’s caused by afterimages on your eyes while they are looking all over it.

bravia_alive 0

Colors become alive. BRAVIA.

A smart billboard for the Sony Bravia TV. The marketing guys want to tell you the colors become alive, and boy, do they ! You can hardly keep looking at this image without becoming...

saatchi_beach 0

Club Illusion – Beach

At first sight a nice summer day at the beach. But er … Is it my imagination or is there something more going on here ? In this commercial for Club 18-30, a travel...

fake_illusion_cn 0

CN Tower illusion

I have no idea how this works, but Toronto’s CN Tower is hidden somewhere in this picture. After looking at it carefully you may discover it, but this could take several tries.