Category: Hidden People

These pictures contain hidden people. Try to find them all!

silence_of_the_lambs 0

The Silence of the Lambs

The original artwork for the movie poster shows a Tobacco horn moth with the picture of a skull on it. On closer inspection, the skull is actually three naked women (seven in some versions)....

delprete_bathtowel 0

Bath Towel

At first it seems the woman is hanging her laundry naked. But you can see in the reflection of the window that she’s dressed. And when you look closer, the towel actually just has...

rust_saxophone 1


The statue on the left of the painting is obvious. But there is also another person playing music. Where is he, and what musical instrument is he playing ?

rust_fishing 0

Fly Fishing Trip

This painting depicts a man on a fly fishing trip. If this guy knew what else there is to be seen in this forest, he probably wouldn’t be fishing though …

premonition 0


This is the movie poster for the 2007 movie with Sandra Bullock. According to the critics, the movie is really awful. Nice poster though.