Category: Anamorphosis

An anamorphosis is an image you should view under a very specific angle. If you don’t, you’ll only see incomprehensible lines.

holbein_ambassadors 0

The Ambassadors

This is a famous painting with a lot of hidden symbolism and meanings. The most eye-catching and intriguing is the warped skull in the front of the painting (the gray stripe). A lot has...

schon_distortion 0

What do you see?

Just to inform you : people have always been perverts. But back in the days, they had to cover it up a little. When you look at this picture from 1538, you notice a...

orosz_the_well 0

The Well

The artist has hidden a picture of M.C. Escher in a very clever way. At first sight it isn’t apparent something is hidden in this picture. When you put a cylindrical mirror right on...