Category: Hidden Images

club_med_the_divers 0

The divers

Part of the Faces campaign by Club Med, there are not only divers in this ocean, but also a couple of hidden faces. One is rather obvious, the other one a bit less.

delprete_dragonslayer 0

St. George the Dragon Slayer

Not only is this a portrait of St. George, when you look at his face you can see the scene where he is fighting the dragon. Nice to know : the picture is recursive....

club_med_the_slopes 0

The slopes

You are never alone on the slopes of this ski resort. This ad from Club Med contains hidden faces.

clark_i_become_restingplace 0

I become my resting place

In a beautiful yet rather creepy landscape, the beholder begins to have an uneasy feeling … What horrible secret is hidden in these woods ? This painting is part of the Deadwood series.

savido_bush 0

Bush Monkeys

At the end of 2004, this painting was world news. It was shown around the globe in newspapers and on TV. Why ? From a distance, this is obviously George W. Bush, president of...

laid_by_the_best 0

Laid by the best

This ad appeared in the British Yellow Pages The title is of course already double in itself. But if you turn the picture upside down and cover part of it, you can see a...