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The Mysterious Island

Actually this is a deformation. The landscape served as cover for the book The Mysterious Island from Jules Verne. If you place a cylindrical mirror at the top of the landscape, you can see...

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Lost Tiger

Start looking at this image with your nose to the screen. You’ll see puzzle pieces, some in the shape of animals. Now keep increasing your distance from the screen until you can see the...

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Junior Jazz Dance Classes

This is a hilarious example of what happens when you design a logo without checking it afterwards or asking a second opinion. About half of all people will first see a naked woman’s torso...

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The Silence of the Lambs

The original artwork for the movie poster shows a Tobacco horn moth with the picture of a skull on it. On closer inspection, the skull is actually three naked women (seven in some versions)....

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Bath Towel

At first it seems the woman is hanging her laundry naked. But you can see in the reflection of the window that she’s dressed. And when you look closer, the towel actually just has...

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The statue on the left of the painting is obvious. But there is also another person playing music. Where is he, and what musical instrument is he playing ?