Planet Perplex

delprete_dragonslayer 0

St. George the Dragon Slayer

Not only is this a portrait of St. George, when you look at his face you can see the scene where he is fighting the dragon. Nice to know : the picture is recursive....

club_med_the_slopes 0

The slopes

You are never alone on the slopes of this ski resort. This ad from Club Med contains hidden faces.

eskimo_indian 0

Eskimo Indian

One of the most famous double images : the face of an Indian looking to the left, and an Eskimo looking to the right (facing away). This is also called the Wilson figure.

lift 0

Read this

This appears to be a set of meaningless black blocks, but it’s actually a word you can read. What word could that be ?

phantom_dots 0

Phantom Dots

A very powerful illusion ! You will clearly see gray dots on the corners of the squares. This is actually called the Hermann Grid but let’s face it, phantom dots sounds way cooler.

sarcone_streams 0


It’s like there are three rivers flowing on this picture. That’s caused by afterimages on your eyes while they are looking all over it.