Planet Perplex

orosz_verne 0

The Mysterious Island

Actually this is a deformation. The landscape served as cover for the book The Mysterious Island from Jules Verne. If you place a cylindrical mirror at the top of the landscape, you can see...

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Office of Government Commerce

This is the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce in the UK. Apparently the logo was already inscribed into mousemats and pens before anyone noticed anything awkward about it. Rotate this image...

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Anamorphic Paintings

This would belong in the Anamorphosis section just as well. If you stand just below the painting and look up, you can read the words.

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Hidden Circles

This image, resembling a wooden door or something, contains sixteen perfect circles. Stare at the white x in the middle for a while, and they will suddenly pop out. The first time I read...

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Lost Tiger

Start looking at this image with your nose to the screen. You’ll see puzzle pieces, some in the shape of animals. Now keep increasing your distance from the screen until you can see the...