Planet Perplex

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Phantom Dots

A very powerful illusion ! You will clearly see gray dots on the corners of the squares. This is actually called the Hermann Grid but let’s face it, phantom dots sounds way cooler.

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It’s like there are three rivers flowing on this picture. That’s caused by afterimages on your eyes while they are looking all over it.

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Colors become alive. BRAVIA.

A smart billboard for the Sony Bravia TV. The marketing guys want to tell you the colors become alive, and boy, do they ! You can hardly keep looking at this image without becoming...

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Learning Chinese is easy ! Take this thirty-second course from Berlitz for example, I’m sure you’ll be reading the signs in no time. This is a great ad for Berlitz, a company specialized in...

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Few people know the Landrover Freelander has been developed after studying Maasai tribes. Part of a ad campaign for Landrover.